Current Sat Longitude Sat Name SatCat Launch date TLE Source Site Org Op Current Lat Longitude at Epoch Current LonDriftrate [deg] Inclination E/W Lon Osc (Incl) E/W Lon Osc (Ecc) Current apogee[km] Current perigee[km] Current Alt [km] Epoch Time of calculation Time since Epoch ID Satellite Period
112.4979E RedCZ-3B R/B 43040 2017-12-10 CEL XICLF PRC -15.9489S 59.3846W ArrowUp2.159E 26.375 3.0377 86.3672 40050 143 22062 2017-12-11 04:44:58 UTC
2017-12-12 06:30:25 UTC
T=01.07 2017-078B 11:54:28.72
56.6269W RedALCOMSAT-1 43039 2017-12-10 CEL XICLF ALG + 11.5251N 79.2549E ArrowUp107.026W 26.363 3.0350 87.1298 41803 181 529 2017-12-11 10:42:57 UTC
2017-12-12 06:30:25 UTC
T=00.82 2017-078A 12:31:01.81

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Orange longitude background = satellite in earth shadow
Red longitude background = sun outage
Black dot in front of satellite name means that the satellite older than 20 years AND inclined more than 1deg AND drifting less than 0.08deg/day Blue dot in front of satellite name means that the satellite age is less than 20 year AND inclined less than 5.0 deg AND drifting more than 0.08deg/day Red dot in front of satellite name means that the satellite is older than 20 years OR more inclined than 0.1deg OR drifting more than 0.08deg/day Red arrow in the lon drift field means the satellite drifts more than 0.08deg/day
The satellite position is calculated from Two Line Elements/Orbital Elements by using SDP4 model Note about accuracy: TLE do not automaticly get updated when there is maneuvers on a satellite. There will be a delay of several days and sometimes weeks. The exeption is Intelsat,SES and Meteosat satellites which uses supplementary TLE from Satellites with supplementary TLE from Celestrak has lightgreen row background color. According to wikipedia SDP4 has an error of 10km at Epoch. This error will grow the older the TLE data gets.

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