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Chaparral Monterey 140 (MC140) PC control software

(beta with with serial functions )

Updated 19'th of December 1999 1100 GMT

Installation The database Motor positioning Pol tilt Default user settings AutoTracking User Hints History

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I have written this software using Visual Basic. I have now enabled all serial functions. I expect that there could be some errors in this beta version.
This version is compiled in WIN NT english version.

Remember to use . as decimal separator not , this is wery important !!!!

I've had reports of a "Class not registered" error and I have no idea what causes this error at the moment.

I would like to get a mail if somebody uses this software. It would be interessting to know if anybody gets it to work !

Montrol is showning a timeout error & error in command when started without a connection to Monterey 140 on COM1. If you are using another COM port, change the COM port in the menu when you have OK'd the two error messages. At the moment Montrol is setting the volume at startup and that's why there is an error msg when there is no connection.

For more info on the Software please mail me. I would also like to get mail from anyone who has programmed similar SW for the MC140 or other receivers.

Hopefully I will have some time to do some more testing soon.

Jens T. Sætre 281199

E-Mail: Jens-Torbjorn.Satre@nittedal.online.no



The installation program installs the drivers e.t.c. needed in order to run the application. It also installs the satellites.mdb and some configuration files into the directory selected for the Montrol.exe file installation.

MC140 PC Control Downloadable installation files( ZIP file 2,1 Mbyte Date 261199)

I haven't got the time to explain how all the functions work :-(

The Volume slider should work. This is a good way to test the Monterey 140 serialcommands (and you're cable...)

Montrol.exe Update of 161299(Zipped 100kByte) : Improved H-H motor calibration. The earlier versions was calibrated from Azimuth. The pulses/degree on a polarmount is not pulses pr. azimuth degree. It was a bit tricky to implement but it has given correct calculation on my 3m & H-H mount from 68,5 East to 43 West. The accurancy of the calculation/calibration has proven to be 0.1 degree in test's I have done !
The adjustment of the antenna must be correct if the calibrated mode should work. It's also importent to input you're site position as accurate as possible( wery important with big antennas)

This file must be placed in the folder where Montrol.exe is currently installed on the computer.

There is a bug on motor calibration when the site is located in the southern hemisphere( will be corrected later).

I have had reports of a missing Vb5db.dll. It can be downloaded here Vb5db.Zip - place the dll in C:\Windows\System folder. 21012001


Monterey simulation program:

I have written a small program that can simulate the Monterey recivers acknowledge of commands. The Monterey reciver echo's all commands on the serial link. I've used it for testing but it could be useful to test nullmodem cable e.t.c. You simply connect the null modem cable between COM1 and COM2 and start Montery simulation program before Montrol is started. All commands will then be sendt from COM1 to COM2 and echoed back to Montrol if successful. You will get a timout or an error in command message if there is something wrong . The Monterey simulation program will also echo commands sendt from a Hyperterminal.

The Monterey simulation program does NOT check if the commands are valid !

The Monterey simulation program is installed in the same directory as Montrol is installed.


The database:

The database used by this software is a standard Microsoft Access database. There are two tables in the database . One for Satellites and one for Channels. Both have a common field called 'Satellite Name' which is used to connect the channels to the satellite they are transmitted on. The database supplied with the test version is almost empty and contain some "dummy" channels and values.

Motor position basic's:

The input in the database is in satellite's orbital position. From this position the azimuth is calculated. The Proform H-180 KTI mount I'm going to use counts approx. 11 pulses pr/ degree and it's NOT pulses/azimuth degree. At 60° N the difference between Azimuth and polarmount east/west turning is almost two degrees at 70 degrees east turning on the polarmount. Take a look at the Antenna look angles calculator
Azimuth = 108.24 °
Polarmountturning "Azimuth" =106.12 ° ( 180-106.12° = 73.88 ° turning eastwards on the polarmount)
Difference=2.12 ° or about 2.12*11 pulses/degree = 23 pulses !!!!

Click here to see a graph of Polarmountturning "Azimuth"


The software caclulates the azimuth and "converts" azimuth to polarmount east/west turning in degrees. The east/west turning angle is used to calibrate the H-180 polarmount.

To calibrate the motors the site position must be set as correct as possible. Use the receiver to point the antenna on the most eastern satellite. Read the motorcounter OSD on the Monterey and the Polare Angle reading in Montrol. Repeat for the most western satellite. With data on theese two position the pulses/degree will be found.

Pulses /degree = (Pulse counter western sat. - Pulse counter eastern sat. )/ (Polar angle western sat. -Polar angle eastern sat. )

To get the best result use a spectrum analyzer when you're peaking the antenna.

The KTI Proform H-180 does count approxematly 11.4339 pulses/Polarmount turning degree.

I thought it would be great to have a system that where able to move to the excact desired orbital position with no "guesswork" done.

On elevation I have mounted two iron profiles which makes the actuator arm placed longer away from the "elevation junction" on the H-180 KTI mount. Elevation actuator now counts better than 20 pulses pr. degree.

Elevation is harder to calibrate for two reasons:
-When elevation is adjusted the azimuth changes because it's the polaraxis on the polarmount that is being adjusted
-Actuator does not count linear pr. degree.

I have not implemented calibrated elevation adjustment (yet). If I could implement "real" elevation control I could make the MC140 +H-H mount track on Inclined Orbit (I.O.) Intelsat's using downloable data from http://www.intelsat.int/ephemeris/ephemeris.asp ( 11 Parameter Ephemeresis data). Then it will be wery easy to find Inclined orbit NSS and Intelsat satellites with out knowning an active carrier on the I.O. satellite.

Pol offset ( for Az/El mounts)

I did find out that is was wery hard to control the SMW Ferotor by using degrees as input. I ended up with the 80-220 (ms) pulse value the Monterey use to control the Ferotor. The reason is that the ferotor pol turning angle varies non linear from 10,7GHz to 12,75 GHz .

I got this info from SMWon the XF-45C:

Turning (degrees) @ 10.7 GHz = 9*voltage
Turning (degrees) @ 10.95 GHz = 12*voltage
Turning (degrees) @ 11,7 GHz = 15*voltage
Turning (degrees) @ 12.75 GHz = 20*voltage

I guess the turning angle on the Chaparral Corotor is easier to control. Maybe I can Implement something later. This is not a big problem as the polarmount is turning the antenna so in theory it should not be neccessary to "scew" the polarisation once it's adjusted correctly when the antenna is installed. However there is satellites who have a polarisation offset from the theoretical figure.


Default user settings:

Saves two files to the folder where the program *exe file is executed from.


Autopeaking of "elevation" and azimuth. The Monterey 140 finds the satellite all by itself if there is a transmission on the frequency selected on the satellite. So I guess there will be no problem to find the Inclined orbit satellite. It is also tracking on AGC level (I think) so there must be a transmission on the I.O. satellite in order make the MC140 tracking correctly.

Not implemented yet but can be activated by using Menu 6 on the receiver.

Info from
www.chaparral.net regarding Inclined orbit tracking on Monterey 140:
This is a hidden menu as very little ever needs to be changed inside this menu. To access this menu press Volume up, 9,9,9,9,9, Volume down.


Some user hints:


Channel Search

Satellite Search

Position Search

Edit Satellite

Edit Channel

Add Satellite

Add Channel


Delete a Satellite

Delete a Channel

Calibrate H-H mount/motor





Add Satellite from the edit satellite window resulted in run time error 444

Added Msgbox with msg when there are no result in the search functions
Added H-H Motor Calibration using calculated azimuth
Added 360°/400° compass calculation values for the selected satellite
Added saving of default settings like Longitude e.t.c. .
Different parameter tuning. Automatic/manual/keyboard
TV channel list
Radio Chanel list
Volume slider
Favourite groups
Manually peaking of antenna
LNB settings,Local ocillators,monterey switch options e.t.c.
Individual DSP settings per channel.
Corrected bug in default settings
Added elevation control. It's not specified in the Opertaion Manual.
Command Set Elevation: #137 {0-999}
In op.manual it's written : #137 {n/a}
Bug in Chaparral ?
Video Invert: #38 {1=OFF,0=ON}
In op.manual it's written : #38 {1=ON,0=OFF}
Improved H-H motor calibration. It should be 100% if site position is correct and antenna is
correctly adjusted.


In the future ?

Timer functions for VCR's e.t.c.
Program Tracking on Intelsat Inclined Orbit satellites.
Export satellites.mdb to Monterey 140 internal channel memory.