Power of a QPSK carrier measured 
on a Agilent E4402B Spectrum analyzer

Updated 08 February 2018

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Noise Density dBm/Hz
Symbolrate kBaud
Input impedance of the Analyzer Ohm
Power dBm
dBuV Voltage / 75 Ohm coaxial cable dBuV

White cells are user input value fields, click elsewhere in the window for final calculation.

If the Noise density is to be measured on the analyzer with a 75/50R minimum loss pad, setup as follows;

- Setting bandwidths to ALL AUTO, Detektor to "Peak", load 5.7 dB correction for the loss pad.

- Average set to "100", PreAmp to "On", Attenuation to "0", Span to show one transponder only.

-Use the noise marker to measure the dBm/Hz value on peak of the carrier