Satellite position listing generator based on bulk catalog two line elements

Updated 22 April 2010

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NOTE: This calculator does not work in most browsers anymore
Use the
Satellite Position List for accessing the lists(list update interval 5-10minutes)

The calculator uses three-line format bulk catalog downloads from

Example output

Only confirmed to work in IE6. In IE7 and IE8 it is not allowed for a javascript to load txt file. Unfortunatly this casues the script not to work.

Some sources of information used:

Johannes Kepler 1571-1630
Kepler's laws of planetary motion
M. Richharia - Satellite Communications Systems
Satellite Times Computers and Satellites
Two Line Elements - Space Track
Two Line Elements - Celestrak
View Earth from satellite
View Earth from satellite (example THOR 5)
Clarke Belt Snapshot Calculator (lists satellitte longitudes)
Heavens Above
C sourcecode example for TLE based orbit calculations
Paul Schlyters Stjarnhimlen
ORBITRON tracker (free)
N2YO Real Time Satellite Tracker (based on TLE)

The calculator uses three-line format bulk catalog downloads from

The satellites are listed by longitude. The script uses long time and is slow. It does not work in Mozilla Firefox

Only satellites that drifts less than 1 degree pr. day is listed

20©01-20©10 Jens T. Satre