Parabolic Satellite Antenna off axis co-polar and cross-polar gain based on ITU-R BO.1213 and ITU-R BO.1900
Updated 05 Februar 2018
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User Band(GHz)

Antenna Size(Meters)
Antenna Size(Feet)
Antenna Size(Inches)
Antenna Efficiency
Antenna off axis angle°
Antenna gain boresightdB
Antenna off axis co-polar gain reductiondB
Antenna off axis co-polar gaindB
Antenna cross-polar gaindB
Antenna cross-polar isolationdB
Force ITU-R BO.1213 (Ku)
Force ITU-R BO.1900 (Ka)
Auto select ITU-R antenna pattern based on frequency
Chart off-axis range°

This calculator is based on antenna gain pattern from ITU-R BO.1213 and ITU-R BO.1900