Autodownload of weather satellite pictures

Updated 8 December 2002

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The program downloads file(s) from a selected internet adress. is updated every 30 minutes. This gives a good animation if autodownload has been on for some time.

The downloaded files are stored locally on the computer. Maximum downloaded files can be set . If it's set to max. 24 pic's from the downloadfolder will contain picture for the last 12 hours. The internet connection must be set to auto-connect/disconnect( It works !) if it's not a 24 hour connection. The autodownload program will delete the oldest file and save the new file when maximum download limit is reached( prevents the foldersize to increase after every download). New pictures will not be downloaded if it's header has not changed preventing duplicate of one file. Sometime I've seen duplicate files has been downloaded by autodownload but I've checked the site and found that the header was changed while the picture was old.

The program logs the downloading "on screen" and to a text file. The latest file is also saved in a separate folder as latest.jpg. Settings of download path is saved in a configuration file.

I've seen a problem with downloading to a WIN98 PC with ISDN connection and IE4.x. Autodownload doesn't download the whole picture ( only 64k..) . On WIN NT it seems to work better. I have no problems with WIN98 and IE5.x .

A program like ACDSee will be able to run the downloaded files as an slideshow. There is an option in ACDSee to set file sort by date&time which makes the files selected in the right order.



 2002 Jens T. Satre