Footprint Simulator for Geostationary Orbit Satellites
Updated 05 February 2018
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Method for generating footprints (Siocos,1973) is found in the book "Satellite Communication Systems" by M. Richharia ISBN 0-07-134208-7
Satellite position:
CkuUser Band(GHz)
Antenna Vertical Size(Meters) Antenna Vertical Size(Feet)Antenna Vertical Size(Inches)
Antenna Horisontal Size(Meters) Antenna Horisontal Size(Feet)Antenna Horisontal Size(Inches)
Antenna Efficiency%
Footprint skew[deg]
Multi spot beam:
Single spot beam:
Turn off contour lines in footprint :
Disable red TX nulls markers in footprint:

Select location for footprint beamcenter by clicking in the map!
NOTE: The plotter is based on ITU-R B0.1213-1 antenna pattern
First contour from beamcenter = -0.5dB
Next contours every -1dB until -30dB.
Then -35dB and -40dB follows
Every -5dB is marked with thicker line
TX antenna nulls is marked with red lines
The old footprint plotter can be found at Jens T. Sætre

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