Input Power to a satellite demodulator

Updated 05 February 2018

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Satellite Position
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Satellite Position

equals West

Site Position
Latitude Degminsec
Longitude Degminsec
Azimuth Degrees
Elevation Degrees
Slant Range Km
Atmospheric Loss dB
Downlink Frequency Mhz
IF frequency (Universal LNB swo 11700MHz) Mhz
Free Space Path Loss dB
Power reaching Antenna dBW
Power flux density at earthstation dBW/M^2
Antenna Diameter m
Antenna Efficiency %

Antenna Gain

Feed Loss dB
LNB Input VSWR 1: (Probably not needed 1:1 =0 dB loss)
LNB input power dBW
LNB Gain dB
LNB output power dBmW
Cable loss dB/100 meters ( Click on the table below)
Coax cable length m
Coax cable loss dB
Demodulator maximum power dBmW
Demodulator minimum power dBmW
Demodulator Input Power dBmW

White cells are outputvalues

Most receivers are specified to work between -30dBm to -60dBm.

Be aware that increasing the level won't help if the received carrier to noise is too low ( i.e. antenna too small).


Cable type 100MHz 200MHz 500MHz 900MHz 1450MHz 1750MHz 2050MHz
RG179 32.0dB 47.0dB 65.0dB 100.0dB 125.0dB 141.0dB 158.0dB
RG59/U 8.5dB 13.1dB 21.3dB 29.5dB 39.0dB 44.6dB 50.2dB
RG6/U 6.9dB 10.2dB 16.4dB 22.6dB 29.8dB 34.1dB 38.4dB
RG11/U 4.9dB 7.2dB 12.1dB 17.1dB 22.6dB 25.9dB 29.2dB

Cable loss for some common cables - Click on the value you want to use !

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